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Highcliffe Castle Young Photographer of the year!

I love taking photos and whenever I go out to shoot (other than professional work) my son Caillou comes with me. He uses my backup camera and has been learning photography from me for just a few months. He does not use automatic settings and controls the camera like a professional despite only just turning nine. As we walk around he is constantly checking his shutter speed, aperture and ISO and getting his DSLR camera ready to take the next shot.

When we saw that Highcliffe Castle had a young photographer contest he really wanted to enter. The theme was ‘new beginnings’ and he thought long and hard about what to photograph.

On a walk in the New Forest he found a dead tree with a new sapling just beginning to grow from its felled trunk. He really liked the symbolism but just couldn’t take a photo he was happy with.

Next up he decided he wanted to photograph a baby animal and we headed to Stanpit Marsh to see the horses as we knew they had foals. After some time he had the shot he was happy with:

“Foal on the Marsh” by Caillou Flower

We found out yesterday that Foal on the Marsh had won first prize in the Highcliffe Castle Young Photographer of the Year contest (ages 5-9).

I couldn’t be more proud of him, he really wanted this and worked hard for it. He found the subject, took the photo and developed it all by himself. We are looking forward to visiting the castle early next week to see his photograph on display in the library.