Monkey History

Why fix what isn’t broken?

Launching Perpendicular Monkey is a bit of a risk, and why take it when DIFFERO is doing well and supporting us. Here are my thoughts:

“For 20 years I have run various web design businesses or worked on web sites for the financial industry. I have always loved the creativity involved, not just in the design of a web site but also the beauty in the code; it’s structure and it’s rhythm. Photography is much the same, the subject, of course, is important but there is also so much creativity and beauty in the setup, the positioning, following the photographic rules and knowing when to break them.

After two decades in digital design I wanted to change my path, to start something new, something even more fun and photography is perfect. I have been taking photos for years and commercially done some work in product photography working with brands and influencers.

Perpendicular Monkey is a chance to expand on that experience and create a business to bring me, and you, joy.”

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